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Public Procurement

Sunny Path Associates, LLC is a public procurement consulting firm that provides support and training to promote compliance, knowledge and strategic value in government contracting. Our clients are public agencies that need procurement assistance and private sector businesses that want to understand how to work with the public sector.

​Sunny Path has a diverse background with a blended mixture of subject-matter expertise necessary to develop the most effective, compliant procurement strategy for our clients.  Our resource associates have decades + of experience working in government procurement roles.   


Missy Mudry


NIGP - NIGP Certified Procurement Profes
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Missy Mudry, President, has worked in public procurement roles for over 15 years and actively involved in promoting strategic vision and efficiencies since Day #1.  Being a good steward of taxpayer dollars has been a fundamental theme throughout her career.  It has been said, more than once, that Missy has the intensity to move mountains.  This is true, although not literally, because she is driven by effective procurement strategy, stakeholder objectives, deadlines and productivity.  These fundamentals have led to significant milestones in the firm's formative years.

Missy holds a bachelor’s degree from Duquense University, with most recent graduate coursework at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz School of Public Policy.  Her career began at the Association of Iron & Steel Engineers (AISE) while still in college.  After graduating cum laude, her marketing and sales path was furthered with SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings, formerly known as Steel Structures Painting Council, where she managed the individual membership program and 20 active local chapters in the United States, Canada and India.  In 2005, she shifted into the public sector and began working at her local community school district.   After moving to the Phoenix area in 2010, and prior to becoming a consultant, she worked in key procurement roles at a large high school district, as well as the State Procurement Office.  Other highlights include:  

  • Certified Procurement Professional (NIGP-CPP)

  • Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB)

  • National Member of NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement

  • National Member of the Institute of Supply Management (ISM)

  • Arizona Association of School Business Officials (AASBO) Member


Plus, our resource associates are seasoned professionals and subject matter experts from multiple public agencies, holding various degrees, certifications, clearances and educational backgrounds.  Some are retired, while others are still actively working in full-time roles.  We are all focused on expert procurement knowledge and providing quality consulting service to our clients.  

We have the know-how you need.

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How did Sunny Path begin?

Our firm was founded on a vision of unparalleled service and commitment with a passion for procurement.  Missy Mudry has worked in public procurement roles for over 15 years and actively involved in promoting strategic vision and efficiencies.  Being a good steward of taxpayer dollars has been a fundamental theme throughout her career.  

Our common goal is shedding light on public procurement by offering a variety of procurement backgrounds, expertise and years of service working in government, including schools, state, local and federal agencies.


How can Sunny Path help today?

Sunny Path offers a strategic partner to navigate through procurement from the basics, to nuanced elements and challenges, and everything in between.  Think of us as a purchasing life raft in uncharted waters.  Our firm answers your question of where to look and what to do next when you don’t have enough time, resources, human capital or mental energy.  Whether you are just entering into a role or brushing up on process and procedure, knowing where to go is sometimes the most challenging.  Let us reduce your stress and help you through process.

As the saying goes, “we have bought it all” and shed light on public procurement.  Our firm provides training such as procurement 101, spend analysis and forecasting procurement needs, solicitation assistance and review, evaluation facilitation and more.  Sunny Path Associates values integrity and ethics and strives to achieve mutually beneficial relationships between public and private clients by providing guidance regarding process and procedure.  Whether it's in your office or virtually, we offer support and assistance when needed most.  

We've been there, done that. Think of the "SPA" and reduce the stress of competing deadlines, limited resources and time constraints by contacting us today.  We'll help manage challenges, maintain compliance and keep on target with critical deadlines – all with an unparalleled commitment to service and a results-driven approach.  

Why Sunny Path?

We know procurement. 

We give you personalized attention.

We ensure compliance, increased knowledge and strategic value.

We provide an ‘easy button’ that equates to productivity and resources.  

We elevate your time and energy for other important priorities.