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  • Find opportunities for cost savings through planning and spend analysis.

  • Learn tips and strategies for internal tools and process improvements.

  • Adopt strategies to ensure compliance and efficiency.

  • Improve internal communication, resource management and workflow.



Tackle major projects with ease by letting us handle the heavy lifting (and stress) for you.

  • Best practices and internal strategies within the business office, such as Governing Board approval materials, end user groups with reference tools and “supplier spotlights.” 

  • Manage and develop a solicitation from start to finish, using a proactive and results-driven approach to plan, organize and maintain flexibility with competing priorities and shifting deadlines.  

  • Overall strategy, planning and coordination for department and organization. 

  • Quality assurance for compliancecontent, production and presentation support.

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  • Understand the WHY of procurement and public sector requirements.

  • Onsite or virtual training programs specific to your staff and needs . 

  • Support for internal best practices strategies and planning for how to respond appropriately, timely and efficiently to internal and external needs.  



Solicitations, quotes, and other internal purchasing documents prepared are reviewed, aka “evaluated”, using the lens and expertise of a former procurement officer.  


Expenditures and internal process analysis for efficiencies and savings.  

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Whether it’s a general question, concern or “hair on fire” issues,  assistance from a reliable procurement expert, is available as needed, when needed, by phone, email or text, we can help with:  

  • Procurement 101

  • Procedural inquiries

  • Contract management

  • Due diligence

  • Clarifications, questions and/or correspondence

  • Meeting attendance

  • Negotiations

  • Contract award and evaluation analysis  

  • …and more!


Our goal is to best meet your needs.  Quotes are available on a per project basis or a blended service quote with multiple projects.  Many clients use an “Open PO” or contract for annual assistance that best meets their anticipated procurement needs in the upcoming fiscal year.  

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