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Hometown Love - Forged in Steel

It is without fail that an overwhelming need to return back to the 'Burgh tends to fester in me near May. It could be tied to my birth month, along with Mother’s Day, and the feeling of “springtime” that just doesn’t have the same vibe to me in AZ. This return is constant and consistent, so an homage to my hometown seems appropriate as I prepare for another quick fix. The themes are origin and pride, relative to where I am from but also how Sunny Path Associates was born.

My very first "real job" was as stereotypical Pittsburgh as it gets, in the steel industry at 19 years old. The first job walk I ever had was at Weirton Steel where I learned early about safety and protecting toes, eyes and ears. This meant no cute outfits or if I needed help standing out as a (very) young girl. The irony is that my 1st office happened to be the best with a great view overlooking the corner of Point State Park. Since then and until recently, my office space shrunk in size and stature with shared offices, cubes, borderline closet-type quarters and everything in between. Instead of “you've come a long way baby”, it was backwards and full circle!


This letter opener in the shape of a giant nail was given to me by the editor of the Iron and Steel Engineer magazine after cleaning out an old file room when the company was moving to a different floor. It has been a precious nugget. He was my first and most favorite mentor and it has been with me ever since as a reminder to not lose sight of where I came from or where I am going. Pittsburgh Steel Company had a lengthy and prosperous run; Sunny Path Associates is positioned for the same.


Since moving to AZ, my vanity plate has been PGHGIRL and those who know, know. Those who don’t know find it comical, almost as much as I do when they try to figure it out. But honestly, if Google understands that the true airport code for my hometown should be PGH, then the masses should follow suit. (Because do the people of Pantnagar, India care what their designated airport code is?)

Pittsburgh has been referred to in the past as "hell with the lid off" and "a drinking town with a football problem.” It’s likely that I’m a bit too proud of my heritage akin to these sayings. This pride originates in so many things, traditions mostly with sports and culture. It’s not a knock on my new home by any means; but Phoenix is a very transient place and Pittsburgh is not nearly as much. Local communities are buzzing with ethnic delights and yet people don’t really travel; crossing a bridge or driving over 10 miles is just not really a thing. I’d be willing to wager less than 1/2 of my immediate friends and family have been to the Warhol or Carnegie museums in the past three years. Yet now I’ll drive over 40 minutes without thinking too much, aside from how it’s so different in that way, but different doesn’t make it bad. Pittsburgh's reformation in the foodie scene has been impressive to witness from 2,000+ miles away and the food culture in both areas is exciting.

So how is any of this connected to Sunny Path Associates? First, think of steel as a building block. It’s a low cost, high strength component that is used in a multitude of applications. The same applies to Sunny Path Associates and our scope of services. The properties of both steel and Sunny Path are intended to strengthen, fortify and protect. Next is the longevity and resilience. Pittsburgh is a historic town (aka: old) that withstood a major industry and economic downturn only to reemerge as a tech industry hub, cultural magnet and foodie haven. Sunny Path Associates is experienced and, while the firm itself is finishing its first year, our resource pool has a wealth of knowledge across industries and sectors. No one trick pony here. Last, but certainly not least, is commitment. Pittsburgh is known for being a hard-working, tough, blue-collared town in a no-nonsense way. Sunny Path Associates is equipped for hard work and challenges, rolling up our sleeves to help move mountains for you. Our firm is committed to shedding light on public procurement and our foundation was forged in steel.

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