Frequently asked questions

Private Sector

Where do I start? I’m not even sure where to begin.

You’re not alone! Whether you are just entering into the public sector or brushing up on process and procedure, knowing where to go first is sometimes challenging. Let us reduce your stress and help you navigate the processes – just think of the “SPA” and Sunny Path it. We help you understand the important details from basic purchasing to contract process and procurement legalese.

Can you guarantee that my company will receive a contract award?

No, Sunny Path services cannot guarantee a contract award or make your company something it is not. Our services are aimed at increasing the likelihood that your offer will be within the range of susceptibility of an award by being responsive.

Can you give me some insider information? Who is on the evaluation committee? Do you know the superintendent’s personal cell phone?

Sunny Path Associates, LLC prides itself on integrity and the boundaries of operations in the public sector, so no. We value loyalty, ethics and the need for public procurement processes to maximize competition. These questions may be acceptable in private sector business, as personal agreements are common. But when public funds are used, inquiries such as these can give the wrong impression and potentially get you into trouble. Although we may assist a private sector company on a specific project, each project engagement is carefully reviewed to ensure there is no circumvention of any ethical or legal parameters. Any perceived collusion, bid-rigging or other type of anti-competitive or improper public procurement behaviors will not be tolerated and may result in legal action.

Is your pricing based on my company receiving a contract award?

Our passion stems from trying to stretch and preserve taxpayer funds and yet understand how frustrating and confusing it can be for vendors. What we can offer is a navigational partnership in the process to ensure your company demonstrates responsibility and responsiveness in public contract responses and opportunity paths. The most important and applicable phrase here is, “Everything is the same, but different.” Because it truly is and, as such, pricing is flexible and depends on the specific project or client needs. The level of detail and time may be minimized once a narrative is in place, but the effort requirement is still the same.

Are you helping my competitors?

Again, we value loyalty, ethics and the need for public procurement processes to maximize competition. Any perceived conflict would be disclosed immediately upon any initial engagement discussion. There may be only a few instances where there is a national or statewide, multiterm, multiple award opportunity such as Legal Services for example.

Will you bear the burden of risk involved?

As the saying goes, “Without risk, there is no reward”. However, there is a reason why there are a portion of firms that are successful within the public sector – and it begins with the offer response. Relationship building, business development initiatives and other social operations are critical for success. But the nuance of the process, evaluation, requirements, etc. is directly tied to the project being funded by taxpayer monies and the duty for transparency. Unfortunately, one missed step can erase a solid foundation. You can certainly modify the latest proposal submitted, but if it lacks any attention to detail, such as addressing a different company/firm/person, right off the bat you’ve tarnished evaluation along with the likelihood that your firm will move forward favorably. Sunny Path elevates your chance to be determined responsive and responsible for a contract award by ensuring conformance to all requirements, as outlined.

Public Entities

I have never done this before and not sure where to start. What should I do?

There are so many resources! Sunny Path Associates, LLC is a public procurement consulting firm that offers support and training for process and procedure. We can handle the heavy lifting and burden so you can focus on other priorities. Phone a friend, use a lifeline, whatever you call it: we are humans and not robots. A wise colleague once reminded me of that; asking for help doesn't equate to failure.

What kind of work does Sunny Path perform for public sector clients?

As the saying goes, “we have bought it all". Our firm provides training such as procurement 101, spend analysis and forecasting procurement needs, solicitation assistance and review, evaluation facilitation and more.

Does your firm help public clients with procurement and then help private clients respond?

Absolutely not! Given the mixture of our client portfolio, each project engagement is carefully reviewed to ensure there is no conflict of interest in any of our work. There may be times when Sunny Path must respectfully decline to provide services to ensure there is a clear delineation between clients.

Are you sharing insider information with the vendor community?

If this means how to appropriately respond to solicitation opportunities to be determined responsive, responsible and within the susceptibility range for a potential award, then the answer is yes, only when there is not a conflict of interest within our portfolio. If this means providing specific, internal agency information or details that would otherwise be private, privileged or confidential in nature and not accessible via FOIA requests, then ABSOLUTELY NOT. Sunny Path Associates values integrity and ethics on both sides of the table. Our firm strives to enhance mutually beneficial relationships between public and private clients by providing guidance regarding process and procedure.

Aren’t there other firms that do what you do?

Of course. There are many knoweledgable professionals in the world of procurement. However, Sunny Path offers a unique blend of expertise. Our firm provides a strategic partnership to navigate through procurement from the basics, to nuanced elements and challenges, and everything in between. We adjust to your needs to teach or do. Either way, Sunny Path can be your "easy button" to help manage your time and resources.

Missy Mudry, President, holds a bachelor’s degree from Duquense University, followed by graduate coursework at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz School of Public Policy and a Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) certification. Our resource associates are seasoned professionals from multiple industries, holding various degrees, clearances and educational backgrounds to provide quality consulting services. "We've bought it all."

How can Sunny Path help today?

Think of us as a purchasing life raft in rough waters. Our firm answers your question of where to look and what to do next when you don’t have enough time, resources, human capital or mental energy. Whether it's in your office or virtually, we offer support and assistance when needed most.